All for the Glory of God Ministry, a non-profit under the auspices of the Diocese of Colorado Springs, exists today out of a call to serve the Body of Christ through song, and to use its profits for the education of our diocesan seminarians.


Losing my sight at the age of twenty five was the darkest and most tragic time of my life. Not only were my physical eyes blinded, but my spiritual eyes, too. I clung so tightly to my own wants and desires for my life that I had no sight for what the Lord’s plan might be. As I began to understand this and chose to seek the Lord’s will rather than my own, He transformed my blindness from tragedy into gift. How incredible and awesome our God is! His ways are beyond any imagining and His blessings are abundant when we seek His will.



Playing the piano by ear has been one of God’s greatest gifts of my blindness. For many years I have had the opportunity to share this gift by playing prelude music on Sundays before Mass and meditational music during Reconciliation services. And despite the simplicity of my playing, God has used it to touch the hearts of many. Paula Joy, my very good friend, believed that I needed to make a recording of what I played so that even more people could share it. After many months of prayer, I knew He was calling us to raise money for the Building Fund in our parish by selling a recording of the music I played. That is when All for the Glory of God Ministry began.


In November of 2005 we released the CD recording of my music which we entitled, All for the Glory of God. In less than four months time we raised $6,000 for our parish. We were in awe of what the Lord had done. But He made it very clear to both of us that we were not to stop here because His plan was much bigger. So we continued our recordings and released more CDs. Then we began to bring the music to other parishes within our diocese so that they, too, could share in the gift and the proceeds from it. Today there are six CD recordings which are being shared all across the country. God’s power and grace have been made manifest in ways far beyond any imagining.


Vicky Kolman


After the release of my first CD, I began using a YAMAHA Clavinova for my recordings. This is a digital piano with wonderful features including true to life sounds of instruments. This has allowed me to enhance my music with flute, harp, strings, guitar and many other instruments. There is so much pleasure in being able to both arrange and play an entire orchestra. My deepest desire, though, is that the Lord be glorified and the hearts of His people be drawn to Him through my music. Therefore, I always pray for the grace to both arrange and play in accordance to the Lord’s will rather than my own.


Our ministry is dedicated to giving glory to God because He takes what I play and makes it beautiful to many who hear it. He has used my music to draw hearts to Himself. And He has brought to many, both young and old, male and female, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, the peace and comfort that only He can bring as they listen. How blessed and privileged I am to share in this work of God.


There is quite a variety of ways in which this music is being used. Some use it for background music during their prayer time and find that it helps them pray more deeply. Teachers have used it in their classrooms to create a peaceful atmosphere. Parents have found that it can help settle children and teens both at home and while traveling. Some put children to sleep with it. Many find it helps calm tensions and anxieties while working, studying and driving. It has brought comfort to the sick and even the dying. Some parishes use it as background music during penance services or prelude music for Sunday Mass and funerals. But what is most incredible, is that the Lord has even used this music to bring some back to His Church. How humbling it is when the Lord takes the simple gifts we give Him, and multiplies them for His glory and the growth of His Church.


Our ministry is solely for the profit of the Church. What great joy it is that the proceeds from this ministry help fund our seminarians and parishes because so many, like yourselves, share in this sacred music.  It is our priests who give of themselves that we might have the Bread of Life, and it is through our parishes that we continue to be nourished.  What a privilege it is to be able to give of ourselves for them.


Vicky Kolman and Bishop Sheridan

Listen to Bishop Sheridan's endorsement of All for the Glory of God Ministry (3:17 in length)

All for the Glory of God Ministry is devoted to producing good Catholic, sacred instrumental music, from contemporary to traditional, for all ages - Reflecting God’s Light Through Song”.  
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