For those who are not satisfied with the status quo of knowledge of the Christian/Catholic faith, here are websites for knowing and growing in the Faith that will help deepen your experience of God in your life.


Divine Mercy – St. Faustina

How much the world needs to understand and accept Divine Mercy!

The message of The Divine Mercy is simple. It is that God loves us – all of us. And, he wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share His joy.”


The Catechism of the Catholic Church

What the Church believes and teaches about the Nicene Creed, the Seven Sacraments, our moral life in Christ through the Ten Commandments, and our life of prayer with explanations of the petitions of the Our Father.


Catholic Faith Facts

Have you ever wanted a resource that would provide a quick reference to a particular faith topic to share with a friend or just one that would clarify what you believe? Catholics United for the Faith has all you need for Apologetics, Catechesis, Church Documents, Family Issues, General Doctrine, Groups/Persons, Liturgy, and Scripture (Look under CUF Resources and click on Faith Facts).


St. Paul Center for Biblical Studies, Scott Hahn

“The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition.”  Access online Bible Studies for all levels at no cost.


St. Paul Center – You Tube

Video teachings on the Faith by members of The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, particularly Scott Hahn.


EWTN – Eternal Word Television Network

Global Catholic Network - one stop resource for television programming, radio programs, news resources, document library and audio library.


The Coming Home Network

“The Coming Home Network International was established to help inquiring non-Catholic clergy as well as laity come home and then be at home in the Catholic Church.”  Listen to the inspiring faith journeys of fellow Christians.


Renewal Ministries: Ralph Martin,Sister Ann Shields,Peter Herbeck

“Renewal Ministries fosters renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church through …. our weekly television program, The Choices We Face; our daily radio programs, Food for the Journey and Fire on the Earth, our i.d.9:16 young adult outreach” and much more.


Catholic Answers

“Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates…… dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world.”  Resources include radio programs, video, library, speakers, forums….


Daily Mass Readings

A great shortcut to the Scriptures of the day


The Vatican – The Holy See

Tour the Vatican museums and library, search for Church encyclicals & documents, learn about the Popes throughout Christianity, research papal homilies, messages, letters, prayers and much more.


St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church

Our Home Parish Community


The Diocese of Colorado Springs


The Colorado Catholic Herald

The Award-Winning Newspaper of the Diocese of Colorado Springs