I love Vicky’s music.  It is so peaceful that it helps me forget the craziness around me—for instance, I listen to it when driving and am calm, even if the traffic is crazy.  When working in my home, I find myself drawn into quiet contemplation as the words to the music come to me while listening.

As I prepare for Marian Consecration, I am particularly drawn to her Marian Meditations.  It is a treasure trove of beautiful hymns, many of them rarely heard today, but beautiful nonetheless.  I am so glad she put this particular album together, and I feel so blessed to have it.

Her Advent and Christmas Meditations is especially welcome from the First Sunday of Advent through the Christmas season.  I’m not fond of most of the secular music heard during the holidays, and her music gently draws me into the season and helps keep me focused on its true meaning.  I sometimes sing along and at other times I just listen.   

In a world where there is chaos and noise which jangle the nerves of all of us, Vicky’s music soothes the soul and mind.  It enables meditation and contemplation and it connects us to the beautiful music of the Church.

Fran Rutherford


The piano meditations by Vicky Kolman are nothing short of inspirational.  They soothe, they calm, they relax.  It is as if they become wordless prayer, transporting what you feel into prayer and praise to the Almighty.

Jackie Haag--Mother’s House Publishing


Listening to Vicky Kolman’s music gives you a sense of what “Heavenly Music” sounds like.  It not only makes your mind and heart, but your very soul, feel wrapped in the arms of our Heavenly Father .  .  .  .  soothing us with His unending peace!!!

Paulette McBride



As I listen to each of your CDs, "All for the Glory of God", a peace comes over me as I drift into a state of restful calm.  The delicate sounds help me pray with more focus to my God.  As I listen, I am brought to a deeper state of meditation, removed from the day to day noises, I can concentrate on prayerful thought that brings me closer to my God, so close that I feel His presence.  Thank you for your music that allows me quiet time, and the peace that is a gift from God through your talents.  

Avid Listener,

Fred Henninge


Even though I cannot see the piano player in church, in the first few notes I am able to recognize that it is Vicky playing the selection of music because her style is so distinctly recognizable. Her music is spiritual, meditative, and calming. It carries me to a different place.

Rich Osika


I am a retired teacher that has used several of Vicky’s CD in my elementary classroom to help "settle" my students. Instrumental music has a profound effect on children, helping them to focus. I truly enjoy her work.

Pene Coplen


I thoroughly enjoy listening to the CDs by Vicky Kolman.  They are very soothing, peaceful, and bring you to a place where you can really feel the presence of God.  The CDs are a great mix of traditional and contemporary music, beautifully played by Vicky.  A "must-have" for any lover of Christian music.

Nancy Maney


The music makes me feel so good and truly stirs my emotions when I listen.

Cookie Ford


Vicky plays with as much love and feeling as anybody could ever put into their music.  The spiritual and relaxing notes point upward towards God's peace & blessings, and her music always makes me smile inside.

Jeff Ford


I have several of Vicky Kolman's CDs, and I enjoy listening to her beautiful music.  Her playing has a peaceful and soothing quality which helps me relax, especially during a particularly stressful day.  I like the combination of traditional hymns and contemporary Christian music.  She plays with all her heart and soul.

Sharon Cartwright


I have enjoyed Vicky's Piano Meditations in my car after a stressful day in the office on my way home.  Also, friends of mine riding along have mentioned where did you get this music, it is so nice!  Whenever I am stressed and need a different perspective I listen to Vicky’s music.  It brings me back  to peace.  Of course I love piano music.  

Ron Palmer


Vicky’s music quiets my soul from the world, and centers it on the merciful heart of God.  Her music is so beautiful, calming, and centering.

Dianne Dahmen